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Fluffy slippers and fancy Marigolds: how suburban style stole London fashion week

The Shrimps, JW Anderson and Anya Hindmarch shows at London fashion week. And this is different. Because from its beginnings as a breath-of-fresh-air backlash against the stuffiness of the catwalk, the street-style arm of fashion has over the past few years calcified into a bloodless beauty contest driven by cold, hard cash. One survey released on the eve of fashion week estimated that micro-influencers – those with about 10,000 social media followers – can command a fee of £3,000 a post, with many of these posts clustered around the venues and hashtags of fashion week. The Shrimps, JW Anderson and Anya Hindmarch shows at London fashion week. Composite: Getty Images & WireImage Fashion is bored with the pretentious modern incarnation of street style. But there is no appetite for a return to the snotty, unreconstructed public face of fashion that went before – identikit front-rowers inscrutable behind sunglasses. Instead, this fashion week reached for something less polished, and more human. Both Christopher Bailey and Donatella Versace, two of the grandest designers on the London schedule this week, talked about having models try on the collection at fittings and being interested in their views on how to put the pieces together. At Topshop, the inspirations were the gritty, radiators-and-all aesthetic of Corinne Day and “the days before Instagram; the fun behind closed doors and neon lights”.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2017/sep/19/suburbia-slippers-tea-towel-london-fashion-week-2017

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London Fashion Week handbag designer who conned investors out of 320,000 to fund lavish lifestyle including foreign shopping sprees and hotel stays is jailed for five years

MailOnline iPhone app In October, they wrote to all the 'debtors', supplying a copy of their relevant invoice which had been provided to them by Tyree and asked them to make payment of the amounts due. Following this, three of the six companies responded to them to state that the handbag range mentioned in the invoices was not known to them and that no such orders had been made. Tyree was instructed by the second company's solicitors to provide the Royal Courts of Justice with details of her global assets, including copies of her bank account details. After failing to do so, their solicitors went to HSBC bank directly, who supplied six months of Tyree's bank statements to them. Elle Tyree, who was behind label Sophia Beckford, also used the cash to fund an £80,000 Range Rover (file pic) and a Thames-side flat overlooking Tower Hill in central London But the statements that came from HSBC showed an entirely different set of circumstances than the ones presented to them by Tyree and it was clear that the ones she had supplied were fake. It was discovered through a court procedure that the original material used by Tyree to secure the finance was entirely fabricated, at which point the City of London Police's Fraud Squad began an investigation. Tyree was sentenced to five years after she was found guilty for two counts of fraud by false representation at Inner London Crown Court. Detective Constable Stewart Walker, who led the investigation, said: 'The sentencing highlights the severity of this crime and the hard work of the Fraud Squad to ensure that Tyree did not go unpunished. 'Tyree abused her position as a fashion designer to deceive the victims who lost vast amounts of money to her.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4870238/London-Fashion-Week-handbag-designer-jailed.html

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